When I started Suedestation back in January 1997 there was no discography (or other English website) about Suede on the Internet. At first, I only listed bootlegs which was a thing back then when tape-trading was still big. Soon after I started listing everything else too. It was alot of fun but things are different now. Discogs.com has the biggest and most comprehensive music database. Theres little point in listing it all here when they do it so well already. Instead I plan to have more in-depth info here about the forthcoming album and any fun promotion items (will the Coming Up inflatable ball return?). I hope you aren’t disappointed in this but I really recomend checking out Discogs.com its amazing.



Suede (1993)
Dog Man Star (1994)
Coming Up (1996)
Head Music (1999)
A New Morning (2002)
Bloodsports (2013)
Night Thoughts (2016)
The Blue Hour (2018)