Kevin Westenberg captures Brett perfectly.

On 6th September 2018, renowned photographer Kevin Westenberg captured this stunning shot of Brett Anderson. It was taken near Kings Cross.

Photographer Kevin Westenberg

Kevin wrote this on his Facebook page: 

“BRETT ANDERSON. SUEDE. LONDON. Unlike most all the other U.K. bands of the 90’s, which I worked extensively, I only worked with Suede once. It was shortly after I started working for the N.M.E. I was sent to Glasgow in Scotland for a story about them and their then new album, ‘Coming Up’. The first album, after reforming as a five piece following Bernard Butler’s departure to start up the glorious McAlmont & Butler project. During that trip to Glasgow, I got some classic photos both with the set-up band shots and also the live shots including quite a few of Brett spent, sweaty and exhausted backstage at Barrowlands. A few of which will be re-surfacing soon. I was deeply moved and impressed by Brett’s incredible stage energy. Giving his all for the cause. Respect. All these years later, I’m happy to meet the man again under very different calm circumstances. Many years and changes later, Suede has returned. So happy he agreed to sit for me in this now new digital age of possibilities. His most recent book ‘Coal Black Mornings’ about his early life is a special read. Looking forward to the further adventures of the newly reformed Suede with the upcoming release ‘The Blue Hour’. All info here: Brett Anderson photographed in London near King’s Cross. September.6.2018. Photo: Kevin Westenberg.” 

Brett supports #LoveMusic

Brett was one of the artists present yesterday morning outside Google’s London HQ to support the Copyright Directive #LoveMusic.

Google currently uses outdated laws to avoid paying artists, songwriters, labels, and performance rights organisations their fair share.

From UK_Music: “YouTube pays as little as £0.00054 per stream back to the music creator. Article 13 would address this & save music online.”

Instore gigs announced.

Suede have announced a series of instore gigs around the release of their 8th studio album ‘The Blue Hour’. Some dates have sold out. 

There will be a few tickets available to buy in person in store at Rough Trade East Records on 21st September. 

There will be 50 tickets available to buy in person in store at Rough Trade Nottingham on the album’s release date 21st September. 

‘Life Is Golden’ trailer 2